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Excellent products and customer service. Go the extra mile to help.
Steve G.
21:39 08 Mar 23
Fast and accurate order fulfillment and generous samples with my order. Thank you very much! 🙂 The quality of the extra strength 20,000mg tincture is top notch and is helping to keep my ulcerative colitis calm. The price per mg is excellent and important as my daily intake is over 300mg per day. I highly recommend your products!
08:40 31 Jan 23
18:34 12 Jan 23
Love!! Very friendly and will take the time to answer any questions you have. Used for my cat who had cancer and this worked better for her in providing palliative care. Even got some of her spunk back. For me, it helped with several back issues that cause significant pain and spasms. 8 doctors and a few er visits and walked out still in pain EACH TIME. But this Hemptrax? Did somethimg wonderful! I couldnt walk, drive, work just to name a few. After a few days I could move and at do all the above. Combing this along with chiropractic care is what saved me.
Jewel R.
22:23 19 Dec 22
Making your own crude hemp oil with 10 mg per mill CBD’s: With the expense of purchasing CBD, I moved to purchasing high concentration CBD oil from OC wellness solutions 10,000 mg full spectrum CBD Tincture–BOGO and dilute it in crude hemp oil. This combination result in an “entourage effect” by binding/signaling through receptors that are present throughout the body. I believe that ingesting 50 to 100 mg of CBD in hemp oil relieved my back pain. I had lower back pain (they wanted to fuse my lower discs together) for 9–months, but it has been pain-free for two years this January 2023. The only thing that I can contribute this to is CBD ingestion. One of the two bottles of concentrated CBD added to 1 L of crude hemp resulted in 10 mg per ml CBD, if add both, results in 20 mg per ml CBD-hemp oil. A liter of 10 mg per ml CBD – hemp oil is equal to over 30- 1 ounce (30 ml) bottles for less than $200 – 5 to 7 dollars per 1 ounce bottle. You cannot beat it!!
Joseph M.
00:34 13 Dec 22
You guys are the best and efficient on your shipping. I got my last order almost overnight to PA. Your products are 100 percent that is why I still go to you because I feel comfortable with all of your products.The quality is the best! I highly recommended you to a few people before I left California.I have a problem with my fingertips cracking here in PA and wish you had a smaller size of the Hempstrax Salve to purchase over 3000 mg’s.If I could give you 10 plus stars on everything I would!Thank you…
Maureen S.
15:02 26 Nov 22
All the way from Texas thank you 😊
Chanel M.
02:15 12 Oct 22
It really works for me, just what mother nature ordered.
Anthony T.
16:46 20 Sep 22
Let me just start off with saying that I've never written a Google review before but there comes a time when someone's efforts/kindness baffles you so much, it would be a sin to not to acknowledge... The owner is probably the most chill individual I've ever encountered, super friendly and went above and beyond helping me get exactly what I was looking for!! The locals would know already that this place is the real deal so I'd recommend it too all those who are still looking, to look no more!! It doesn't get better than this 😇😁 Thank you for the fantastic experience both in store and 40 minutes after every gummy consumed hahaha ✌️
Lachlan M.
22:48 01 Sep 22
I have bought and used the topical pain relief for my aches and pains. Really works fast. I tried the vegan sour fruits and I had a solid night’s sleep. I am glad I found this store! Thanks!
Liz D.
15:22 07 Aug 22
Everytime I go there , the employees are super nice and they help you with all your questions 👍
German Z.
21:41 01 Aug 22
I’ve been coming here for over a year now and say they have the best gummies for an affordable price. I usually get the Delta-8 and it never disappoints! And the workers they are so awesome and knowledgeable)
Rho D.
21:18 20 Jul 22
Easy to locate!Phenomenal selection!!!!! Found just what I was looking for... CBD/CBG flower, gummies, tinctures, prerolls,vapes,bottled drinks, creams, pet treats, free samples and even Teas!!!! Outstanding customer service, very helpful. I'll be coming back for more flower and pet treats! God bless!
Cosmic J.
19:19 20 Jul 22
Great attention to detail of the order. Available for questions. Love the extra goodies with each order FREE SAMPLES!
Crazee B.
14:32 08 Jul 22
Raul A.
03:12 30 Jun 22
Lola S.
05:12 11 May 22
Great customer service the product is great!
Geraldine C.
20:57 10 May 22
Excellent service. Received my order right away and very pleased with the products. My inflammation is much less and I am sleeping and feeling better. So glad to have found such good products at reasonable prices. Highly recommend.
Lisa N
16:10 05 Apr 22
We've been coming here for 4 years. My wife and I are retired and we use the full spectrum CBD salve for our ailments in our feet and arthritis. We recently started to use the CBD gummies and they really work. We get a full night's rest after eating 1 gummy. We highly recommend this business to anyone who is looking to find some relief.
Rudy A.
18:10 02 Mar 22
Amazing Product, Works Great!This product save our 12 years of Yorkie’s life. She has seizures for years. After we switched to HEMPSTRAX, we noticed a huge difference. Her seizure are way less, she still gets them once in a while but no where near as frequent as before. Her recovery time is faster and she’s happier and alert. We are very relieved and thankful to have found this great product, absolutely amazing!
Yuki P.
17:32 25 Feb 22
A health care professional suggested I use the CBD Isolate Topical Salve 1000mg for pain and discomfort associated with muscular discomfort. My mom and I have both used it and it really takes the edge off of the pain, without taking ibuprofin. I'm going to try the 3000mg next for pain and discomfort I've been experiencing in my neck and back. We enjoy the Lavender and Lemongrass scent.
Debbie L.
21:42 08 Feb 22
Absolutely spectacular. Sarah was great and very knowledgeable when it came to her products. I was looking for thc sour diesel, but she gave me some great alternatives. I bought 3 pre-rolls and she even threw in some free stuff! I will definitely recommend them to others!
Reyes O.
18:57 10 Dec 21
Great place for CBC neededs staff is super friendly
Elbollo L.
21:38 02 Dec 21
Ehab I.
00:48 02 Dec 21
what a great place and such goodhelp. they have the best around that I have found. this place helps us sleep good and feel better everyday!
kenneth D.
19:40 04 Nov 21

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