What is Delta 9 THC?

The rewarding benefits of cannabis start with multiple cannabinoids, but the primary active component is Delta-9 (tetrahydrocannabinol). The unique cannabinoid Delta-9 is the main compound responsible for its psychoactive properties. Our cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) is expressed in our peripheral and central nervous system. Using THC products will affect these systems causing a person to have symptoms of relaxation, contentment and many report experiencing pain relief. THC can be found in products in the form of an edible like gummies and smoking products such as vapes or cannabis flower. General cannabis use is for both recreational and medicinal purposes, although society’s acceptance for the use of cannabis has been increasing. Now many States have legalized cannabis making it easy to purchase. While it has been slow to be adopted on

Where is Delta-9 Sourced from? 

Cannabis was already present over 11,700 years ago in Central Asia and the earliest record of medicinal use of cannabis is found in China. Other findings of the medicinal uses of cannabis can even be discovered before the Common Era in Egypt and Greece. THC is extracted from the cannabis plant. Some solventless methods such as dry sieve and water extraction can be used to extract entire trichomes. Extraction methods that avoid unwanted water such as chlorophyll, some may use hydrocarbon extraction. Ethanol extraction and Co2 extraction are also safe and efficient ways to source Delta-9 THC. 

All of our distillate is extracted using clean CO2 extraction methods and then it is tested for purity and to ensure there are no residuals. This is particularly important as residuals can be extremely harmful – especially if inhaled.

How is Delta-9 legal? 

The legality of Delta-9 seems ambiguous these days but in 2018 the Farm Bill was signed into law where the definition of hemp extract which includes the cannabis sativa plant and any part of this plant with a deta-9 concentration of no more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis is legal. While the bill legalizes industrial hemp it also removes the 0.3% THC from the schedule 1 of the controlled substance act. 

Delta 9 laws vary from State to State. Please check with the legality of Delta 9 THC in your State before ordering. We have written a Blog on the legalities of Delta 9 THC but these laws do change frequently.

All of our Delta 9 products contain less than 0.3% per dry weight of the gummy, making them legal in most States.

What Delta-9 Gummies are available and which ones to choose?

Hempstrax has two options for flavors which are the delicious Vegan Sour Fruits and delightful Vegan Watermelon Gummies. Not only are they free of animal products, but they come in two different milligrams. It is important to have options when it comes to THC products and it’s also important to know your limits when consuming THC. For example if you’re new to THC – 10MG may be best for you. For a more frequent cannabis consumer 20MG will be more up your alley. 

Always remember to create a comfortable and safe environment when you take Delta-9 THC products and refrain from driving or operating any machinery. 

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