Sour Space Candy


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Sour Space Candy contains a unique terpene profile that is the favorite of many.  It was bred in Oregon by crossing Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry. Tested at 14.6% , Sour Space Candy is both strong and delicious.  This strain truly lives up to its name, with a fruity taste and smell coupled with a nice earthy, diesel type of smell. The dense nugs also have earthy notes to it, and are a great way to unwind after a long day.

With hand trimmed and selected flowers that are often purple and extremely frosty, everyone is in for an out of this world treat.  With a fruity sort of smell to it, many users report it being very useful for relaxation and tension reduction. This high tested strain has been reported to be a favorite of many.  It is great for in the evening and is a delicious way to end off the day. With relaxation and a gentle mental uplift being the most notable effects, pain may also be reduced with Sour Space Candy.  

All of Hempstrax hemp flower is always third party lab tested.  Sour Space Candy is no exception, and the results can be viewed here.  Organically grown and cured to perfection, the terpene profile of Sour Space Candy is one to be remembered.




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