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Hempstrax Sour Space Candy Flower

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Hempstrax Sour Space Candy Flower contains a unique terpene profile that is enjoyable and relaxing.  This unique flower was bred in Oregon by crossing Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry. It has a 16.58% CBD making Sour Space Candy Flower both strong and delicious to smoke.  This strain truly lives up to its name with a fruity taste and smell coupled with a nice earthy, sour diesel aroma. The dense nugs also have earthy notes and are a great way to unwind after a long day.

We have hand trimmed selected flowers that are often purple and visibly frosted making it a great smoke time after time.  Many users report it being very useful for relaxation and tension reduction. This CBD strain has been reported to have euphoric and relaxing qualities.  With relaxation and a gentle mental uplift being the most notable effects, pain may also be reduced with Sour Space Candy.

All of Hempstrax CBD flower is third party lab tested to ensure compliance and terpene profile.  Sour Space Candy is no exception, and the results can be viewed here.  Organically grown and cured to perfection, the terpene profile of Sour Space Candy is one to be remembered.


Sour Tsunami crossed with Early Resin Berry


This beautiful flower has dense clusters of orange pistils and tightly packed leaves. The frost on these flowers lifts into the air when breaking them apart; these nugs are dense and full of trichromes, visible to the eye.


It smells slightly sour and very pungent. This is due to the high levels of pinene and myrcene in this particular strain. Sour, lemony, earthy, and dank. Sour Space Candy is a nice relaxing result with a mellow and tranquil high.


Sour Space Candy has a musky deep taste. It is equally as good when vaporized or smoked in a joint or water pipe. It is smooth and well rounded and will be sure to please even the most picky CBD connoisseur.


This flower produces a strong initial rush which gives way to a mellow relaxing high. It may be in part to the diverse cannabinoid profile,  as this flower does have a decent amount of CBGA and THCA, but something about this Sour provides the perfect feeling. Slightly euphoric and definitely mellow. Please see our COA for more information on the profile.

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1 review for Hempstrax Sour Space Candy Flower – Buy One Get One FREE

  1. Will

    The sour space candy helps with my depression. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and i’ve been taking what the doctors told me. Since cannabis became more legal I decided to give CBD a try. I was very shocked with the results and i’ve have been able to manage my moods a lot better. Thank you hempstrax I have been a customer for 2 years now.

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