Canna Nano Hemp Water


Canna Nano Hemp Water


Through advanced nanotechnology “CannaNano” uses nano-sized nutrients.  Nano-materials are tiny particles measured in nano meters, or billionths of a meter.  Due to their incredibly small size, nano-particles ingested in food and water are fundamentally different and can move throughout the body in advanced ways.

Nano-materials are already being added to certain food and supplements, and it makes the hemp extract contained in it much more bio-available.  Each bottle of water contains 3,000,000 Nano Grams of hemp extract, and is balanced at a pH 9.5+.

Nano Hemp Water is sourced from local springs and is passed through sand filters, creating a similar effect to the natural process of ground water filtering through sediment layers.

Next, the water goes through screen filters toward the evaporation tank, where it is heated to evaporation using solar thermal energy at a temperature lower than the boiling point of water. The “cloud” of moist air rises and condenses into purified “rain” in the condensing tank. At CannaNano, purity is ensured by then using a carbon filter, 2 sub-micron filters, and a UV filter.

Finally, the purified water is ozonated before being bottled into pure, great-tasting premium hemp extract infused drinking water.


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