Moroccan Mint CBD Tea


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Moroccan Mint CBD Tea


This amazing Moroccan Mint CBD & CBG Tea is a lively, energizing daytime blend.

Our hand selected CBD flower grown organically in California is uniquely uplifting. It is the perfect way to enjoy and energize with green tea and mint, with the incredible medicinal properties of CBD.

We add our organically grown CBG to this Moroccan Mint Hemp Tea to create a unique tea that has many beneficial properties to help combat pain, depression, anxiety and inflammation. Research has shown that CBG can interrupt the GABA neurotransmission in the brain thus reducing pain and inflammation. Read more about the effects of CBG here : Effects of CBG

Our Organic flower is de-carbed at a low temperature to make the cannabinoids readily available to the body and it is then mixed through our unique organic tea blend.

We provide the teabags already made up with 1/4 gram of flower per teabag. Steep the tea bags in boiling hot water for 3-5 minutes and then re-use the teabags several times. You will love the results!

The History of Mint Tea

Sweet mint tea is part of life in Morocco with a long tradition. It is usually made with fresh mint and green tea and served in a tapered glasses (istikan) with sugar cubes. Our Moroccan Mint blend is inspired from this tea tradition. We use a hearty, full-bodied, pan-roasted gunpowder green tea and blend it with flavorful peppermint leaves.

Can be enjoyed either hot or iced.


CBD Flower, CBG Flower, 100% Organic Green Tea Leaves, 100% Organic Peppermint Leaves.


3 convenient sizes to choose from, 2 teabags , 5 teabags or 10 teabags. There is 50mg of CBD per teabag. We provide the teabags already made up with 1/5 gram of flower per teabag. Wholesale orders are also accepted. Email us if you would like to place an order : info@ocwellnesssolutions.com

This tea does contain a small amount of THC and is compliant with government regulations. Please consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

Hempstrax Flower: 

Organically grown and hand selected, Hempstrax only sells only the highest quality flower  Many companies carry CBD flower, but what makes Hempstrax unique is the quality and wide selection of strains. All of the flower is hand trimmed, and cured to perfection. Every batch is third-party tested to ensure purity and potency.  A few notable strains in their repertoire include Lifter, Special Sauce, and Sour Space Candy.


2 Teabags, 5 Teabags, 10 Teabags


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