Med-Epen HHR Vape Extraction Pen


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The Med-Epen HHR Vape Extraction Pen is compatible with a 510-thread cartridge AND cartridge-less product.

How to use the HHR Vape Extraction Pen ?

Fill product inside the ceramic donut coil or take it out and add in your cartridge.

Features of the HHR Vape Extract Pen?

This adjustable heat battery is designed for consumption of all types of product.

What the HHR comes with?

This heavy-duty extract pen comes with a tool, replacement coil and charging system.


We offer this Pen at Hempstrax so you can enjoy our awesome extract we have available such as our isolate, broad spectrum and shatter!

If you are looking for a the ultimate vapor experience look no farther then the HHR Vape Extract Pen.

StyleVape pen
FeaturesAdjustable heat battery
Cap StyleMagnetic
Coil TypeCeramic
ThreadingStandard 510
Use WithConcentrates


Just pack a small size of concentrate into the bowl so it doesn’t over flow, and also so the coil and melt all your hemp at a steady rate! If you find that the wax isn’t turning into smoked then most likely the battery is dead or you have put too much oil inside of the chamber.


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