Hempstrax Flea Gone


Hempstrax Flea Gone


Hempstrax Flea Gone is an all natural CBD Flea Repellent spray. Fleas hate this blend of essential oils and CBD. It is safe to use on all pets. Fleas can be particularly bad in the summer months. Pets can be exposed to fleas just by laying in the grass or walking where other dogs have been.

Fleas require a host to breed. They often carry diseases. They can multiply very quickly making your dog miserable. Flea bites can cause your dog to itch and bite creating hot spots.

Flea Gone smells so nice it doubles as a deodorizer for your pet. Flea Gone comes in a 4oz bottle and should last you several months.

Don’t waste money on expensive vet flea drops and pills which can be toxic to your pet.


CBD Isolate, Proprietary essential oil blend, Polysorbate 20, Distilled Water


Spray directly onto your pets fur every 1-2 days. Preferably in the evening as fleas can bite you pet at night while they are sleeping.


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