Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls


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Hempstrax Delta 8 THC Pre-rolls


Hempstrax Delta 8 Pre-rolls are made using our organically grown CBD flower and then infused with Delta 8 Distillate. Our Delta 8 Distillate is top shelf. It is a clear, slightly rose gold color and it has been 3rd party lab tested to ensure purity and cleanness.

Our pre-rolls are made with top shelf flower. Many companies use the shake but we use the premium flower in our pre-rolls.

Each pre-roll is just under a gram.

Hempstrax offers premium flower and we are receiving new batches of Delta 8 flower each week. We sell many varieties including hybrids and Sativa dominant and Indica dominant.

Many customers prefer our Delta 8 flower to regular Delta 9 as it has a lighter more euphoric feeling with none of the anxiety or paranoia associated with regular cannabis.




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