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CBG Isolate is a pure form of CBG.  Our Isolate is a creamy white, crystalline substance that is over 98% pure.  It is the main ingredient in many other CBD products, and can also be consumed directly.  Many customers add our CBG Isolate to exisiting products including skincare, makeup, foods and drinks. It can also be smoked and vaped. CBG Isolate is extracted through super critical CO2 extraction, and a process further refining the oil into the crystalline substance.  Made with all natural hemp, this product is the most potent CBG available on the market.


Available in 1/2 gram, full gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram quantities.  Bulk and wholesale  discounts also offered, contact [email protected] for details.  This product contains ZERO THC.

CBG is being touted as the new wonder cannabinoid. It is amazing as it has many medicinal properties. Clinical studies have determined that CBG is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Limited research has been conducted which outlines it’s potential benefits for treating cancers and tumors. CBG also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Research has shown that CBG can interrupt the GABA neurotransmission in the brain thus reducing pain and inflammation. Read more about the effects of CBG here : Effects of CBG

We will be updating information to our blog as it is posted. We are super excited at being able to share this amazing cannabinoid with you.

We are developing a line of skincare using CBG Isolate. Our new Facial Moisturiser is amazing. Click here to view our new product.


98%+ Pure CBG Isolate.


1/2 Gram, 1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams


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