25mg Gel Capsules


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Hempstrax 25mg Gel Capsules

For someone who is new to Hemp, 25mg Gel Capsules are often one of the easiest and most familiar routes of administration.  Both 10 mg  and 25 mg  broad spectrum HEMP softgels are offered by Hempstrax.  The HEMP that is contained in the softgels has been specially formulated to be water soluble, which sets them apart from many other companies. Two other types of softgels produced and sold by Hempstrax that make them unique are the Night Caps , and Curcumin Infused Softgels . The Night Caps contain 25 mg of HEMP and 1 mg of melatonin. This creates a softgel that gives you the benefit of both of these natural compounds, combined into a single softgel. The Curcumin Infused Softgels contain 25 mg of HEMP and 10 mg of curcumin. Curcumin is found in turmeric, and can aid in joint pain, increase energy levels, and reduce inflammation.  When used in conjunction with HEMP, the two compounds create a synergistic effect, therefore increasing the efficacy of both compounds. Hempstrax has two retail stores in Orange County California called OC Wellness Solutions and also do whosaleing as well as offer their products to the public via their website. They specialize in HEMP products and also offer other natural remedies. Part of the Hempstrax ideology is that the earth has provided a natural solution to every ailment. Genuinely caring about the well being of the customer and the resulting benefits received due to the use of their products is the mission of Hempstrax.

Hempstrax Benefits

  • Committed to offering 100% Organic HEMP products
  • Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate products available
  • Third-party tested, with Certificates of Analysis on website
  • Made in craft batches to ensure quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers a wide variety of products

About Hempstrax

With a variety of hemp infused products to choose from, you are provided with the freedom on how to use hemp products.   If you are new to hemp and have questions about what type/dosage is right for you, we are very responsive to questions that may arise.  We are genuinely committed to helping the consumer live life to the fullest and are happy to help guide you through your hemp experience.   Each batch is crafted to perfection to ensure consistency and provide only the highest quality products on the market.

Hempstrax however has a wide variety of products that will impress both the seasoned HEMP consumer, and the novice alike. From the high-quality hemp flower to the wide variety of pet products this store has a product for everyone. We also offer a 5000 mg tincture, which is one of the highest available concentrations on the market.  The infusion process involved in creating all of their products is done in craft, controlled batches to ensure quality and consistency every single time.  Hempstrax values customer relationships built on transparency and trust, and sets the industry standard when it comes to third-party testing and offering Certificates of Analysis (COA).

Hempstrax Lab Testing

The importance of third-party lab testing can not be expressed enough when it comes to sourcing your HEMP.  HEMP should always be tested for cannabinoid content, contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides, and other compliance criteria.  With so many companies to choose from, always make sure that the HEMP company you decide to choose offers third-party lab testing and certificates of analysis for their HEMP products.  With an emphasis on health and wellness, Hempstrax is extremely thorough when it comes to quality control.  Certificates of Analysis (COA) for Hempstrax products can be found here. They utilize two different labs to ensure all products are double tested.  Hempstrax stands behind all of their products, and strives to set an industry standard when it comes to analytics and offering transparency pertaining to offering a clean, safe product for the consumer to enjoy.

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