Is CBD Oil Legal in Idaho?

The legal status of CBD Oil in all states depends on how the CBD Oil is sourced. CBD-derived Hemp Oil is legal thanks to the farm bill passed in 2018. This farm bill states that all hemp-derived CBD Oil is legal provided it does not exceed 0.3% THC.

However, marijuana-derived CBD Oil is still dependent upon each individual state’s laws on marijuana and its derivatives. Bear in mind, marijuana is still federally illegal, but each state has its own determination whether or not it is a prosecutable offense as a recreational drug. Many states have opted to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes allowing patients to gain access to marijuana with a medicinal card and by visiting a clinic.

In Idaho CBD Oil is only legal if it contains 0% THC. A bill to legalize CBD Oil oil with no more than 0.3% THC was passed in 2015. However, the bill was turned down by a Republican Governor and it was never turned into law.

Unfortunately, the Republican Governor issued an executive order allowing children with epilepsy to take Epidiolex which is an expensive drug available only on prescription. It is little wonder that many parents of sick children turned to the internet in order to order their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil online.

So are there stores selling CBD Oil in Idaho?

Yes, there are some storefronts that sell CBD Oil products with 0% THC (either Broad Spectrum or Isolate products). The licenses are under the jurisdiction of each city. The laws are very strict in Idaho. If a store was found to be selling full spectrum Hemp Oil (0.3% THC) it would fall under the category of a Schedule 1 drug. It would therefore carry a sentence of $1,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

So what is the best way to buy CBD Oil in Idaho?

Without a doubt, it is easier and simpler to purchase from a trusted retailer online. Purchasing online will give you the peace of mind of knowing that it definitely has NO THC. Hempstrax has all of their Certificates of Analysis and sell both Broad Spectrum and Isolate products. Confirming that the product is THC FREE is of optimal importance as you do not want to be subject to the strict laws for having a product that may or may not contain THC.

With any online CBD Oil purchase, we always recommend vetting the reviews to ensure it is a good reputable company and that customers are happy with their purchase. It is important to have a real live person to be able to reach on the phone should you have any questions about ordering or about CBD Oil in general. We have a customer service line should you have any questions. We are available from 10 am-6 pm every day to answer questions and to help guide you to the right product.

Shopping for quality Idaho legal CBD products

Going from one shop to another can be time consuming. Shopping online can provide you with different sales and coupons. It is also very easy to compare products and work out which is the best value for money. It is also important to consider quality.

Hempstrax uses all Organic ingredients. We use organic, steam distilled, edible,  essential oils in our Hemp Oil for flavoring. Many of our products are vegan.

Always look for Broad Spectrum or Isolate when purchasing in Idaho. This is because these products do not contain THC. Steer away from any product that does not have this clearly stated on the label as it may contain THC. With the emergence of many new CBD Oil companies, there are companies selling generic forms of Hemp Oil with no stipulation on whether or not it contains THC. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil will always contain 0.3% THC and as this is illegal in Idaho it is not worth risking a hefty fine.

Any reputable company should post their COA’s (certificate of analysis) on their website so you can ensure it is THC free. You can view Hempstrax COA’s by clicking here.

Many products appearing on websites stating that they are CBD Oil are really CBD Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil has none of the medicinal properties of CBD Oil and it should not be confused with the real thing. If the label states 40,000mg and it is only $30 beware. Read the fine print and the list of ingredients thoroughly. The active ingredient should read ‘CBD Distillate’, or  ‘CBD Isolate’ and not ‘Hemp Seed Oil’.

At Hempstrax we offer a wide variety of Hemp products to fulfill and soothe your pain. 

  • CBD Oil Tinctures  With so many different terms and a vast array of products, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to choosing what products are right for you. Broad spectrum and isolate are all extremely effective in aiding with a range of ailments, including pain, sleep, and anxiety. The differences between the 2 are the cannabinoid profile contained in each and individual biochemistry. Just like all other things in life, certain people respond better to certain things. Make sure to figure out what works best for you, and what enhances your life to the fullest. 

  • CBD Oil Hemp Edibles are a great way to enjoy CBD Oil. We, at Hempstrax, sell a range of Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil gummies. Try our delicious Pineapple Hemp Gummies – 30mg per piece.

  • CBD Oil Hemp for Pets – Hempstrax has a range of pet treats precisely dosed for dogs and cats. Our pet treats range from 2mg – 10mg of Hemp Oil per dose to ensure we have a treat for every sized pet. All of our pet treats are Broad Spectrum and contain 0% THC. Our Broad Spectrum Pet Tincture is a favorite with our customers. Its available in 500mg, 1,000mg & 2,000mg. We also sell our pet tincture in Isolate.

  •  Concentrates – Hempstrax Concentrates include Isolate and Shatter. All ready to be smoked and enjoyed with NO THC.

  • Vape – Broad Spectrum vape juice, vape cartridges, and disposable vapes are all available online from Hempstrax. We carry a unique range of flavors and our vapes do not contain any nasty fillers… just Natural Terpenes, PG 400, Hemp Oil Distillate.

Obtaining CBD Oil in Idaho is no problem as it is completely legal to receive Hemp Oil products by mail providing that they do not contain THC. Steer away from all Full Spectrum products. Fortunately, Hempstrax has a broad range of products that are THC free. Should you have any questions regarding Hemp Oil we are always here to help. You can reach us on (714)477-4195 from Monday – Sunday, 10 am-6 pm.

Hempstrax is dedicated to providing current information on CBD Oil, wellness, and well being. We are located in Southern California and we manufacture and sell a range of CBD Oil Products. We are dedicated to helping our customers find cost-effective, high-quality products.

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