Hempstrax 20000mg CBD Tincture


You will come across many different types of CBD tinctures at various milligrams all across the web. Finding an Extra Strength Tincture can be challenging. It’s important to choose one that has been lab tested for impurities and strength.


At Hempstrax we pride ourselves on using the finest quality ingredients to create a superior CBD Tincture. We make all of our products at our production facility in California so you can rest assured that all of the CBD is in your tincture. We use Organic MCT oil as a carrier oil and we blend it with high terpene and cannabinoid distillate and organic essential oils for flavoring. To view our Lab Tests please click here.


Hempstrax 20,000MG tincture comes in 3 different blends. Our Isolate Tincture contains CBD only. The Broad Spectrum tincture contains all of the cannabinoids with 0% THC. Our Full Spectrum Tincture contains all of the cannabinoids including 0.3% THC. Many of our customers choose a Broad Spectrum Tincture for daytime use and a Full Spectrum tincture for nighttime. As we have a Buy One Get One FREE on our extra strength tinctures, you can easily get 2 for the price of 1.


Our 20,000mg Tincture gives you the highest quality of CBD on the market. What makes this tincture so unique is that each drop is 10mg of the purest CBD. Some of our customers have expressed that they don’t feel they need to take an Extra Strength product and you don’t need to! You can just take a couple of drops of this extra strength tincture and the bottle will last longer. Just a ¼ of the dropper equals out to 42 mg! Meaning you don’t have to administer so much oil in order to hit the ideal amount of CBD. For Example, taking 42 milligrams a day can last you up to approximately 120 days. 


Our mission is to provide the highest quality CBD at an affordable price. Our buy one get one free sale on extra strength tinctures make them affordable to all.


If you are unsure which dosage would work best for you – please refer to our handy dosage calculator by clicking here.

Lanikai Arriaga CBD Blog Contributor

Lanikai Arriaga - Contributor

Lanikai loves working with customers and helping them on their wellness journey. She is an advocate for healthy living and plant medicine.

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