Delta 8 – What is it?

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Delta 8 has become very popular in the last year, almost surpassing the demand for CBD Products. Delta 8 is a legal form of THC that is around half as potent. It has a lighter more euphoric feeling with none of the paranoia or anxiety often associated with THC Delta-9.

Delta 8 products are everywhere from smoke shops to gas stations to dispensaries and CBD stores. It is important to choose a product that has been lab tested. With so many products to choose from, going with the cheapest is not necessarily the best option.

Delta 8 is created by converting the cannabinoids in CBD into Delta 8 THC. This is done via a chemical process and heating and cooling. It often requires solvents which may lead to residual in products if they are not thoroughly tested.

Delta 8 vapes cartridges are a very popular way to consume Delta 8. They are fast acting, and they are highly bioavailable which means a high percentage gets into your bloodstream.

Delta 8 was first discovered in the 1940’s but it wasn’t tested in trials until the 1975. Dr Robert Mechaulam ran a trial is Israel treating children with cancerous tumors using Delta 8. It showed enormous promise, reducing the growth of tumors and in some cases completely eradicating them.

The US Federal Government ran a trial in the 1990’s with the hope of proving Delta 8 to be a damaging cannabinoid. The reverse was true and research and studies using lab rats showed it to decrease tumors and in some cases it completely eliminated the. This research was shelved, and Delta 8 did not make an emergence until scientists discovered how to convert the cannabinoids in CBD into Delta 8 THC. There is somewhat of a loophole in the 2018 Farm Bill as it only stipulates that THC Delta 9 must be below the limit of 0.3%. As there is no mention of Delta 8 and that the Farm Bill states that isomers and derivatives of CBD are legal, Delta 8 THC has slipped under the radar.

Some States have elected to make Delta 8 products and flower illegal. Others have regulated Delta 8 so that it can only be sold in dispensaries and specific allocated stores.

Delta 8 is available in tincture form, as well as edibles and concentrates. Unfortunately, Delta 8, along with Delta 9 is converted into Delta 11 during the digestion process. If you specifically want the benefits of Delta 8 you are far better off using a sublingual tincture.

With any product that is not FDA approved, it is always imperative to do your due diligence and research the company you are purchasing from. Any reputable company will have lab COA’s available on their website and they will be transparent regarding ingredients and the process to make the products.

Delta 8 is psychoactive so take care when using it. The effects from consuming edibles may be quite delayed so it is best to be in a comfortable environment with no stress while using Delta 8. Driving or doing any physical activity that may result in injury should be avoided while using Delta 8 products.

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